Read More Here About How Inaccurate TV Shows are Regarding Criminal Cases

TV shows and movies portray courts much differently than they are in real life. While most people do understand this, they might not understand all of the differences and what it could mean if they’re arrested. Anyone who is arrested will want to contact a lawyer for help to make sure the case is handled properly.

Physical Evidence Isn’t Everything and Can be Flawed

Many people will go ahead and plead guilty without consulting a lawyer because the police have evidence they committed a crime. While TV shows often depict evidence as hard proof the person committed the crime, the reality is lawyers can show the evidence is flawed, improperly collected, or not relevant to the case. This means that in reality, a person could avoid a conviction despite significant amounts of evidence against them.

A Case Doesn’t Always Go to Court

In TV shows, the case is always going to go to court, always going to be presented to a jury, and the person is likely going to be found guilty. However, most cases are actually settled through plea deals and a large percentage are dismissed altogether. Just because a person has been arrested doesn’t mean they’re going to have to go to court, be found guilty, and receive a lengthy jail sentence.

Suprise Witnesses and Evidence Don’t Happen

Most TV shows that include criminal court cases have a surprise witness that changes everything. In fact, this is typically the only way the person might avoid a criminal conviction in the show. In reality, the lawyers for both sides must provide the other lawyer with a list of the witnesses and evidence they will be using in the trial. This ensures both the prosecution and defense lawyers have time to prepare for the case and that there are no surprises.

While there may be some accurate components of criminal cases in TV shows and movies, the reality is they’re far different from what actually happens in the courtroom. A person who has been arrested is going to want to make sure they receive legal assistance because depending on their knowledge of how the courts work from TV shows and movies can easily lead to a conviction they weren’t expecting. To learn more, read more here.

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